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DAUMER: Proper recognition

Services: Art Direction, Brand Development, Brand Architecture, Content Creation, Content Strategy, Content Production, Outdoor, Packaging Design, Photography, Print, Production, Social Media, Strategy, Web Design

Region: Goergia, Holland

Headline: Daumer partnered with TBCW/adversion to create a differentiated brand in the construction materials & chemicals sector, a competitive and monopolistic business category.

Overview: Some products and brands surround and comfort consumers that they never realize. That’s the superpower of those brands. They always chase perfection.

Ufuk: Construction materials communication is halfway B2B and halfway B2C. The decision maker, buyer, user, and consumer are generally different. When a strategist takes that perspective instantly realizes the intercourses between these groups and differences in needs and expectations.

Evidence suggests that the actual user makes a purchase decision with construction materials between 2 to 5 times in a lifetime, except for the DIY applications they prefer to deal with themselves. And the cost of a redo creates a very high involvement environment around construction-related products. It is costly in money, hard work, and time. So the concepts of endurance, longevity, and perfection lead this category in a way that no market is comparable.

Proper recognition to crafter: Excellence is Mastercraft!

Because of generating the actual user experience of the product, the most influential person in every aspect of the category becomes the craftsman, even if they are the same person as the user. The depth interviews revealed the craftsman’s need for recognition with other factors like ease of use or proper packaging. In non-emotional show business, we let there be some manly love. It is not just a product that does the job. But it is the product that allows craftsmen to reveal they are true talents. 



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