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ALFILL: should be renewed and aligned

ALFILL: should be renewed and aligned

Services: Art Direction, Brand Development, Brand Architecture, Content Creation, Content Strategy, Content Production, Outdoor, Packaging Design, Photography, Print, Production, Social Media, Strategy, Web Design

Region: Belgium, Georgia, Holland, Italy, Turkey

Headline: Alfill, a well-established construction materials manufacturer, chose TBCW/adversion as the creative partner in relaunching the brand. The relaunching began in the very roots of brand identity itself. 

Overview: Brands and products may wear out over time. To improve the overall experience of products, brand design, and packaging designs should be renewed and aligned with the next generation of purchase makers. 

Ufuk: When it comes to mass-amount purchases, the purchasers’ minds shift to a high-involvement state. Alfill is an established brand that generates value for purchasing managers of any construction material buyer over pricing, quality, support, etc. On the other hand, our mission was not to crystalize a traditional product manufacturer’s relevancy but to help the brand’s expansion regionally and globally. A local brand from the northern-east of Turkey was going to be the best-selling brand within their category in the whole of Caucasia. Well, that’s hard work done well.

The bold marketing plan of the brand is the foundation of our strategic approach. As with the marketing plan, the target audience must be redefined and analyzed. Alfill was not an unfamiliar brand for the primary target markets, but in years market share was diminished radically. 

During the relaunching of the brand, from concept creation, imagery, creative direction, and audial design all the way to finished new branding, we facilitated a collaborative workflow across all partners, including consumers, handymen, and the hardware storekeepers. The packaging designs surfaced out of the new identity in the upcoming weeks. And within a year, almost 40 PE-coated two-ply craft paper flexo printable industrial bags, along with the IML container designs, was completed.

Alfill aims to communicate directly with construction projects’ purchasing managers with mass quantified orders. The digital playground was an undiscovered territory for the brand. The website renewal project included upcoming social media integrations, all in the very beginning to be able to create sustainable communication channels with the target audience.

Social media channels dealt with extreme care in copywriting. The content was created and versioned for each region with original copies. Social media channels raised more than 10 channels in 5 countries in the last quarter of 2022. 


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